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Leaders and Start-ups

Are you an entrepreneur or startup who is looking to take your career or organisation to the next level? If so, We at CoachFounder can help.


CoachFounder is a coaching and consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs,executives and organistions achieve their goals.

We understand the challenges that entrepreneurs and leaders face and we are here to help them overcome them.

We emphasize the importance of setting clear goals and developing a roadmap for achieving them.

We provide guidance and support to help our clients achieve their goals.

Why Work with Coach Founder

At Coach Founder, we pride ourselves on delivering relentless excellence, empowering clients with personalized coaching, consulting and using cutting-edge strategies for unparalleled success and breakthrough achievements.

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"Deciding on co-founders or going solo? Explore the implications, benefits, and challenges of each path in the startup journey to make informed decisions."



Narayan is one of the few HR Professionals who enjoys what he does. Quick learner with a high degree of intergrity. Ability to work well with all levels in an organization.

Mahendran Balachandran

Partner at Accel  


About The Coach

"Challenging founders to push their boundaries and explore new horizons."

Narayan Thammaiah is a founder coach and strategic advisor with over 30 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs and executives achieve their goals. He is the founder of Coach Founder, a coaching and advisory firm that supports founders in crafting and executing their growth plans, personally and professionally.

When he is not coaching or advising, he enjoys pursuing his hobbies of mountaineering and long-distance running, which challenge him to push his boundaries and explore new horizons.

about the coach
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